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The IVAN Realty Pro Team works in your local real estate market each day and understands the buying-behavior of your potential buyers. We know the amenities that are in demand, the highlights which buyers look for and the key buying drivers that are selling homes in your specific market.

The last thing you want as a seller is to set the price too high or too low. Your FREE Home Valuation includes a Comparative Market Analysis that provides an in-depth look at your current local real estate market based on key data-points of your home, giving you with a realistic view of where your home should be priced. Work with the IVAN Realty Pro Team and instantly gain the real estate expertise needed to sell your home at the highest possible price and in the shortest amount of time.


The IVAN Realty Pro Team constantly evaluates Home Pricing Trends and analyzes the Orange County Housing Market on a detailed level. It is important that your home is priced correctly to ensure that we capitalize on every possible opportunity to sell your home. Our Home-Valuation Process includes: In-Depth Research of your home's value, consideration of your home’s Unique Marketable Details and setting the Asking Price vs. Selling Price of your home.

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Pricing Your Home

Proper pricing is imperative when selling Real Estate. Pricing your home is both an art and a science.


Preparing to Sell

We know that preparing to sell is one of the most important aspects of selling your home, condo, or investment property...

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What Clients Are Saying


The Costello’s

Aliso Viejo Home Owners

“We sold our house with Ivan Larco’s help and could not be more pleased he helped us save thousands of dollars. He has a very professional approach to every aspect of the sale, including comparison reviews, listening to what the owner wants, suggesting helpful fixes and arrangements of each room to make it more inviting, expert photography and website, and finally, making the final negotiations of the sale a very painless closing process. We have already told our friends how happy we are with working with Ivan and will recommend him to anyone looking to sell their property.”

Ruth & Brian R.

Dana Point Home Owners

“Ivan Larco was great in every way. He is responsive to our many questions. He is at all times professional and gets thing done...We highly recommend him. Have you ever tried to do a FISBO?  We tried to work one with our former tenant.  After sixty days of stress and aggravation, we found Ivan to corrected our previous mistakes. Our property was a fixer, but Ivan took charge, and got it sold.”

Courtney F.

San Clemente Home Owner

“What I liked most about having Ivan Larco represent me in the purchase of my home was that he looked out for my best interest. Ivan was relentless and laser focused on my criteria and goals. Ivan firmly negotiated every aspect of my purchase all the way up to the repairs negotiation and ensured that my new home would be in top shape prior to my move in.”

Sherry M.

Northwood Irvine Home Owner

“I’ve been so deeply impressed by Ivan Larco’s rich knowledge and experience in the field of real estate. He offered me great service on my real estate needs with efficient and successful result. He is the right person you can trust in real estate service.”

Jennifer R.

Aliso Viejo Home Owner

“Ivan Larco is on point! He is thorough, punctual, and has excellent follow-up. Ivan asked all the right questions in the beginning to determine our likes and dislikes. He never slacked and we truly felt like his top priority from beginning till end. He negotiated for us an outstanding deal and was a pleasure to work with along the way. I would highly recommend Ivan to anyone looking for a home.”

Max & Tristen M.

Aliso Viejo Home Owners

“My family and I were very blessed by having Ivan Larco and his team find a way to get us out of our condo and into a home. When the seller, of the home we wanted, said he was taking it off the market, we were so disappointed. However, Ivan contacted the seller’s agent and got us an even better deal that included the seller paying for our closing costs. That was amazing! In addition, Ivan was also able to secure a lease for our condo with a deposit check, so that we could close our escrow in as quick as 30 days! Thanks Ivan, for all of your hard work!”