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IVAN Larco Realtor


Find Out What Your Home Is Worth In Today's Real Estate Market

With 30 years of real estate experience, I have the experience to provide you with the most accurate valuation of your home's value. Here is a look at my Home-Valuation Process:

Comprehensive Research

I begin with a comprehensive research for your home's value, which includes recent comparable real estate market data in order to pin-point the highest price the current market can bear.

Details Matter

Although not a formal appraisal, but very close, I take into consideration, location, square footage, room utility, property taxes, age of the home, your home's condition, upgrades and other favorable nuances unique to your home.

Exceptional Marketing

Extensive Social Media Marketing, global websites syndication, direct mailers, beautiful brochures, professional photography, weekly open houses, and much more to attract hundreds of buyers for victorious sale!


Studies show that improvements such as renovated bathrooms or updated kitchens can increase your property's value by 8.7%. Investing a few hundred dollars on the front-end could help you not only sell your home quickly, but also obtain a higher offer for your home, than those which are not upgraded. 

"As a homeowner, it is beneficial for you to have an Experienced Realtor conduct a Comparable Market Analysis of your home. My many years of experience provides you with an accurate price range valuation and a comprehensive marketing package that attracts home-buyers, by the thousands, to view your home."


...of a Comparative Market Analysis with IVAN Realty Pro

A Comparative Market Analysis provides an in-depth look at your local and current real estate market. Based on the in-depth research and information I obtain and analyze, provides you with the expertise needed to sell your home at the highest possible price and in the shortest amount of time.

Provides an In-depth Look

I work in your local real estate market each day and understand the buying-behavior of buyers. I understand the amenities that are in demand, the highlights which buyers look for, and the key buying drivers that are selling homes in your specific market.

Years of Experience

As a Realtor for 30 years, I have a comprehensive understanding of your real estate market. I work everyday, marketing and selling homes in your local area, which benefits you with access to my years of knowledge and expertise.

Accurate Valuations

My Comparative Market Analyses, which is based on key data-points of your home and local market, can provide you with a realistic view of where your home should be priced. The last thing you want as a seller is to set the price too high or too low. 


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The personal information collected is only used by IVAN Realty Pro staff for the purposes defined at the time of the collection or use that complies with these purposes. IVAN Realty Pro will not share your information with any third parties.


Max & Tristen McGhee

Aliso Viejo, CA

"My family and I were very blessed by having you and your team find a way to get us out of our condo and into a home. When the seller, of the home we wanted, said he was taking it off the market, we were so disappointed. However, Ivan, you contacted the seller’s agent and got us an even better deal that included the sellers paying for our closing costs. That was amazing! In addition, Ivan, you were also able to secure a lease for our condo with a deposit check, so that we could close our escrow in as quick as 30 days! Thanks Ivan, for all your hard work!"

Courtney Freaney

San Diego, CA

"Ivan - What I liked most about having you represent me in the purchase of my home was that you looked out for my best interest. You were relentless, and laser focused on my criteria and goals. You firmly negotiated every aspect of my purchase all the way up to the repairs negotiation and ensured that my new home would be in top shape prior to my move in. Your level of integrity was what I thought was most important to me, because you communicated everything to me, good or bad, and that I highly appreciated. If I know of anyone who is looking to buy or sell their home, I would highly recommend you to them."

Richard and Sara Glavas

Anaheim Hills, CA

"EXCEEDED OUR EXPECTATIONS! From day 1, Ivan made us feel very comfortable and quickly gained our trust.  He was always prepared, extremely knowledgeable, handled all details efficiently, and was readily available.  One of Ivan's greatest gifts is his poise. Ivan's ability to remain calm and focused on our goals is something that is very hard to find.  We are very pleased with the top notch work he provided, and the peace of mind he created for us."

Sherry Mao

Northwood Irvine, CA

"I've been so deeply impressed by Ivan's rich knowledge, experience in the field of real estate that offered me great service on my real estate needs with efficient and successful result. He is the right person you can trust in real estate service."

Jennifer Rhomberg

Aliso Viejo, CA

"Ivan is on point! He is thorough, punctual, and has excellent follow-up. Ivan asked all the right questions in the beginning to determine our likes and dislikes. He never slacked, and we truly felt like his top priority from beginning till end. He negotiated for us an outstanding deal and was a pleasure to work with along the way. I would highly recommend Ivan to anyone looking for a home."

The Costello's

Aliso Viejo, CA

"We sold our house with Ivan's help and could not be more pleased he helped us save thousands of dollars. He has a very professional approach to every aspect of the sale, including comparison reviews, listening to what the owner wants, suggesting helpful fixes and arrangements of each room to make it more inviting, expert photography and website, and finally, making the final negotiations of the sale a very painless closing process. We have already told our friends how happy we are with working with Ivan and will recommend him to anyone looking to sell their property."

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